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Course Overview

This course introduces visualization techniques for various types of measured and computer-simulated data. Typical applications for these visualization techniques include the study of static and dynamic surface or volume models found in structural, mechanical, aerospace and biomedical engineering, earth system science and medicine

Course Objectives

Visualization transforms large quantities of raw data into graphical representations that exploit the outstanding visual processing capability of the human brain to detect patterns and draw inferences. The primary objective of this course is to learn about the fundamental principles of scientific visualization. A comprehensive introduction to the theory and its application towards solving hands-on research problems will be provided. You will learn to design and implement a variety of 2D and 3D visualization tools for the analysis of scalar and vector field data, considering steady and time-varying cases.

Concepts learned in SE 207, such as meshing, iso-contouring, iso-surfacing and volume rendering will be applied to a range of data sets pervasively encountered in the engineering, biomedical and earth-science domains, with some of the data coming directly from different UCSD research groups. You are encouraged to study topics in the fields of image processing, visual perception, mathematics, and parallel computing in order to derive more efficient visualizations strategies.


  • Lecture: T/Th 09:30-10:50 - TIME CHANGE!
  • Location: 2004 Atkinson Hall (Calit2) - NEW LOCATION!
  • First Day of Class: 04/03/2007
  • Units: 4
  • Section ID: 588242
  • Office Hours: T/Th 11:00-12:00, 2302 Calit2

Reference Documents

  • Course Syllabus (pdf)
  • Coding Standards (pdf) (html)

Important Dates

  • 04/03/2007 First day of class
  • 04/23/2007 Project 1 is due (midnight)
  • xx/xx/2007 Project 2 is due (midnight)
  • xx/xx/2007 Project 3 is due (midnight)
  • xx/xx/2007 Project 4 is due (midnight)
  • xx/xx/2007 Last day of class

Lecture Notes


  • Project 1 (pdf) - Sample data
  • Project 2 (pdf) - Sample data
  • Project 3 (pdf) - Sample data
  • Project 4 (pdf) - Sample data

Project Requirements

  • Code has to follow the VIS coding standard.
  • Projects have to be submitted through this site.

Source Code Examples

  • SE 207 Tips and Tricks: TA Website

Tools / APIs

Action Items

By 04/08/2007

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