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Peer Reviewed Journal Papers

  1. Hutchinson, T. C. and Kuester, F. (2004). Monitoring global earthquake-induced demands using visionbased sensors. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 35(1):31–36.
  2. Hutchinson, T. C., Chaudhuri, R. S., Kuester, F., and Auduong, S. (2005). Light-based motion tracking of equipment subjected to earthquake motions. Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, ASCE, 19(3):292–303.
  3. Hutchinson, T. C. and Kuester, F. (2004). Hardware architecture for a visualization classroom: Vizclass. Computer Applications in Engineering Education, Wiley Press, 12(4):232–241.
  4. Kim, S.-J., Kuester, F., and Kim, K. (2004). A global timestamp-based approach for enhanced data consistency and fairness in collaborative virtual environments. ACM/Springer Multimedia Systems Journal, 10(3):220 – 229.
  5. Kuester, F., Phair, M. E., and Hutchinson, T. C. (2005). Image centric finite element simulation. Computers and Graphics, 29:379–392.
  6. Hutchinson, T. C., Kuester, F., Hsieh, T.-J., and Chadwick, R. (2005). A hybrid reality environment and its application to the study of earthquake engineering. Virtual Reality Journal, Springer Verlag Press. In press.
  7. Hutchinson, T. C., Kuester, F., Doerr, K.-U., and Lim, D. H. (2006). Optimal hardware and software design of an image-based system for capturing dynamic movements. IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement. In Press.

Peer Reviewed Magazine Papers

  1. Hutchinson, T. C. and Kuester, F. (2004). Monitoring earthquake induced loading with camera networks. IEEE Pervasive Computing, Special Theme Edition: Building and Evaluating Ubiquitous System Software, pages 57–58. July-September.

Peer Reviewed Book Chapters

  1. Tresens, M. A. and Kuester, F. (2004). Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 12. Building a Better You: The Next Tools for Medical Education, Diagnosis and Care, volume 98 of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, Chapter Hybrid-Reality: Collaborative Biomedical Data Exploration Exploiting 2-D and 3-D Correspondence, pages 22–24. IOS Press.
  2. Hutchinson, T. C. and Kuester, F. (2004). Developing an advanced IT-based visualization classroom for enhanced engineering learning, Chapter 18, pages 189–200. Edited by Win Aung et al., Begell House Publishing. Engineering Education and Research - 2004: A Chronicle of Worldwide Innovations.
  3. Villa-Uriol, M., Kuester, F., Bagherzadeh, N., Alba Perez, and J. M. McCarthy (2004). On Advances in Robot Kinematics, Chapter Humanoids and Biomedical Applications, Kinematic Synthesis of Avatar Skeletons from Visual Data, pages 171–180. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Sestri Levante, Italy.
  4. Kuester, F., He, Z., Kimball, J., Quintos, M., and Tresens, M. A. (2005). Collaborative biomedical data exploration in distributed virtual environments. In et al., J. D. W., editor, Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 13, Studies in Health Technology and Informatics. IOS Press. Accepted.
  5. Groeneveld, D., Hutchinson, T. C., and Kuester, F. (2005). Flexible middleware for digital learning environments. INNOVATIONS 2005 - World Innovations in Engineering Education and Research, Chapter 21, pages 233–243. Begell House Publishing.

Refereed Publications in Conference Proceedings

Invited Publications in Conference Proceedings

Reports and Manuals

  1. Chen, D., Kuester, F., and Korotney, J. J. Independent device communication for virtual reality applications. Technical report, University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory, Ann Arbor, Michigan, December.
  2. Kuester, F. The Viewing Program for Advanced Virtual Reality: viewsvr3C. University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory.
  3. Wiley, D. and Kuester, F. Software Development and Coding Standards. Center for Image Processing and Integrated Computing - UC Davis.
  4. Hutchinson, T. C., Kuester, F., Doerr, K.-U., and Lim, D. Vision-based tracking for risk assessment during seismic events. Technical Report XX, Consortium of Universities for Research in Earthquake Engineering (CUREE), 2005. 113 pages.

White Papers

  1. Schlechtweg, S., Kuester, F., and Beier, K. P. Preparing cad models for vr. 1994.
  2. Kuester, F., Ritter, A., and Beier, K. P. Rapid prototyping in virtual reality. 1994.
  3. Ritter, A., Kuester, F., and Beier, K. P. Drawing on 3d surfaces. 1995.
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