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Students in our research group have access to unique and comprehensive resarch infrastructure that our team at Calit2 has developed over the past five years, including systems for high-performance computing, rendering, display and interaction. And yes, we like to take research and technology to the extreme.

  • HIPerSpace: 286 mega pixel resolution multi-tile display (highest resolution display in the world)
  • StarCAVE: 30 mega pixel per eye, passive stereo, pentagon-shaped CAVE (highest resolution working CAVE in the world)
  • Varrier: 45 megapixel per eye, auto-stereo display (highest resolution auto-stereo display in the world)
  • 4K: 8 megapixel auditorium projector (the first digital cinema projector installed in the US)
  • HIPerDesk: 4 mega pixel per eye, passive stereo desktop display
  • HIPerTouch: Multi-touch display
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