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Kevin Ponto

Taken late June 2008

PhD Research Projects

Leonardo da Vinci's Lost Mural: The Battle of Anghiari
The Battle of Anghiari disappeared nearly 500 years ago when the Hall of the 500 in the Palazzo Vecchio was remodeled by Giorgio Vasari, starting in 1563. But was "The Battle of Anghiari" destroyed? Did Vasari protect it behind his own new mural? And if the da Vinci masterpiece remained in place, did it crumble - or has it survived to this day? Our group is working on advanced imaging and visualization techniques to answer these questions. (Read More)

The Battle of Anghiari

Blue Marble: A Method for Visualizing Giga-Pixel Layered Imagery for Tiled Displays
This project investigates techniques for the interactive visualization and interrogation of multi-spectral giga-pixel imagery. Co-registered image layers representing discrete spectral wavelengths and temporal information can be seamlessly displayed and fused. Users can freely pan and zoom, while browsing through the data layers enabling intuitive analysis of the massive, time-varying, multi-spectral, records. A data resource aware display paradigm is introduced that progressively and adaptively loads data as it is needed from remote storage, at the level of resolution supported by the used display device. This results in a highly scalable approach, equally suited for a laptop or ultra-high resolution displays system operating at hundreds of mega-pixels resolution. (Read More)

Users viewing a time varying data set of NASA's Blue Marble Next Generation

Wipe-Off: Ultra-High Resolution Data Manipulation
This project investigates visualization and interaction techniques for the interrogation of multispectral data sets, in particular, in the field of cultural forensics. The data for this project is gathered by scanning artwork using several different imaging modalities, each one useful for identifying different characteristics. Since this data ends up being extremely detailed, clever techniques are needed to seamlessly display and manipulate it. (Read More)

A view of multi-spectral layers wiped away from the St George data set

This project aims to create an ultra-high digital canvases for the creation of dynamics art on digital wallpaper. Artists will be able to paint freely, yet manipulate content all the way down at the per-pixel level. A GPU centric approach already allows instantaneous processing of massive amounts of data for creative expression. (Read More)

Digital graffiti


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