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PhD Students:

  • Mr. Samit Ray Chaudhuri (September 2001-December 2005) – Thesis title: Simplified Methods for the Nonlinear Seismic Response Evaluation of Nonstructural Components. Currently Post-Doctoral Researcher, UCI
  • Ms. Ting Wang (September 2002-present) – topic: Correlation between damage state and leakage potential in concrete shearwalls. Advanced to candidacy - November 2003.
  • Ms. Prishati Raychowdhury (September 2003-present) – topic: Nonlinear response of shallow foundations. Advanced to candidacy - November 2004.
  • Ms. Barbara Chang (September 2003-present) – topic: Optimal Foundation Properties for Minimizing Superstructure Damage During Earthquake Loading. Advanced to candidacy - March 2006.
  • Mr. ZhiQiang Chen (May 2004-present) – topic: Bayesian Learning of Structural Damage Using Digital Imagery. Advanced to candidacy - June 2005.
  • Mr. Tung-Ju Hsieh (co-advising with F.Kuester, EECS, September 2002-present) – topic: Parallel algorithms for visualizing large geo-referenced earthquake datasets. Advanced to candidacy - November 2003.

MS Thesis Students:

  • Mr. Chad Harden (MS December 2003) Thesis title: Numerical modeling of the nonlinear rocking response of shallow foundations (currently employed with RBF Consulting Engineers, Irvine, California).
  • Mr. Derek Nastasi (September 2003-December 2005) – Thesis title: Dynamic Behavior of Nonstructural Elements and Systems during Full Scale Building Vibration Experiments. (currently seeking employment)
  • Ms. Rebecca Chadwick (September 2004-present) – topic: Seismic response of in-structure piping systems. (currently with Parsins, Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Ms. Yueying Bian (September 2004-present) – topic: Grouted helical pier systems for use in foundation rehabilitation.


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